Hair removal history. Wow we’ve come a long way!

Hair, hair, hair. We’re all familiar with it, and we’re very particular about where we want it. While we yearn for thick voluminous hair on our heads, we often do all we can in our power to remove hair from our body parts. Body hair trends come and go, and we’ve not always been as determined to remove it as we are now. Let’s delve a little deeper into the history of women’s hair removal!


Yes, it seems the desire to remove our hair stems back as far as the Egyptian period. Women used to go to efforts to ensure all hair (including head hair) was removed, using tools fashioned from shells and pumice stones. It seems they were even keen to remove hair using more modern ways, with honey and sugar-based waxes.

The Roman Empire

During The Roman Empire, lack of hair was distinguished as a sign of class, with pumice stones and fashioned tweezers. Early versions of threading may’ve even been around at this time, using string or yarn in a twisting and pulling motion to remove hairs. 

The Middle Ages

During the reign of Elizabeth I, hair removal trends had changed slightly, with facial hair being considered unfashionable and a desire to grow out body hair. This means removing eyebrows, as well as removing hair from the top of the forehead to make it appear bigger. Hard to believe, now! Hair removal was primarily done using walnut oil or bandages soaked in amonia.


The dawn of the 19th century saw a new, more sophistical tool for hair removal, including the first depilatory cream and the first purpose-built razor for men!


By the next century hair removal tools had grown in sophistication, with depilatory creams being employed by the masses, and the introduction of products such as Remington’s first womens’ razor in 1940s. Hair removal was mainstream, and accessible! The 1970s saw electrolysis hair removal become a safe and reliable method of hair removal, alongside previous popular methods. It was in the 60s and 70s that removal of bikini line hair came about – and has stuck around since!

hair removal history
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Today, hair removal is about part trend, methods and personal preference! While some remove hair in some areas, others don’t, and we are beginning to embrace a more free and liberating attitude to hair of all kinds. For those areas you choose to keep hair-free, there are many options to choose from. While you may usually stick to the original razor, other methods can bring a plethora of other benefits.


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair reductio is a favourite of ours for those places you want to greatly reduce hair growth from – perhaps entirely! A series of monthly treatments in-salon are all it takes to say bye-bye to lots of irritating regrowth for good.

To kickstart your journey to smooth, silky skin, we’re offering six sessions for the price of four throughout October, saving you up to £200! What’s more, get your free consultation and try booked in today, to see if it’s for you. The team will be delighted to clear up any questions or queries you have, and ensure you’re happy to go ahead.

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