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Essentials Health & Beauty Clinic offers the largest range of beauty and complementary therapies in the area, plus a lot more! All of our products are cruelty free and mostly vegan friendly (with just a few being vegetarian).

Our therapists provide an abundance of Health & Beauty treatments including Skin Treatments, Hair Treatments, Health & Wellbeing, Weight Loss, Nails & Eyebrows and much more.

We’re perfectly situated just a 15 minute walk, or 5 minute drive, from Hinckley town centre – with free, accessible onsite parking. We’ve been serving the area for many years with hundreds of satisfied customers.

Ready to make an appointment?

Ready to make an appointment?

Our Services

We use accredited practitioners for all of our services

Skin Treatments

  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Tanning
  • Skin Tag & Age Spot Removal
  • Skincare & more

Grooming Treatments

  • Hair Removal (Waxing & IPL)
  • Tinting & Perming
  • Eyelash Extensions

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Bye Bye Blemishes, Hello Cryopen Confidence

It is often said that the beauty of the human body is the imperfections that we all carry. Our bodies are what carry us through life and represent who we are - and we love them for it! While we are the first to celebrate loving your body the way it is, we all have...

It’s time to invest in you

It's time to invest in you. Life is hectic a lot of the time! We all have people depending on us, things that need to be done and day-to-day jobs that we’re responsible for. Often we get so caught up in our own worklists, or being involved in others’ lives that we...


#TakeControlOfYourSkin in the sun this summer When it comes to the sun, most of us are very happy at its arrival. It’s not very often we get a fully clear and sunny day here in England and when we do, we like to enjoy it! In fact, we love the sun so much that many of...

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