Power Facial

“The Only Facial You Need”          

Stimulates Collagen Production          Reduces Fine Wrinkles          Smoothes Skin Texture

Refines Skin through Uplifting and Tightening          Deeply Cleanse removing Dirt and Bacteria

Brightens the skin and adds general youthful glow          Evens Skin Tone – helps dissolve uneven colour

Reduces to resolves Acne & Blemishes & Rosacea           Lightens scars & freckles etc.

Refines and Reduces Pore Size          Reverses Sun Damage         Controls Acne

Every Essentials Power Facial treatment leaves your skin deep cleaned and toned. More frequent treatments result in more dramatic improvements in the areas of acne, redness, unevenness, dullness, hyper-pigmentation, photo ageing, visible red veins and scars.

RegenLite Laser Technology Plus Microdermabrasion & Professional Skin Care

Get the celebrity look – this facial is your must-have regular maintenance facial to keep ahead of accelerated ageing.

The effective and efficient way to transform, refine and maintain great looking skin – the more treatments the better the skin.  Our advanced laser technology allows us to provide a unique treatment in only 40-45 minutes with no down-time and so many skin refining benefits. 3 treatments are recommended for best results.


Laser Technology Plus Microdermabrasion & Professional Skin Care

£160 PER TREATMENT COMPLETE FACE AND NECK (recommended price £250)


Patch test required – £50 – this will be deducted from the cost of your first treatment.

Find out here Why The Power Facial Is Your New Best Friend

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