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Body Confidence – Toning and Firming

In today’s busy climate it is not always as easy as you might like to keep to that healthy eating and/or exercise regime. However, you still want to tone up, look good and feel great.

Here at Essentials, we appreciate the need to be able to achieve this with the minimum level of fuss and are delighted to offer you a number of proven and effective treatments which really do work for weight loss, inch loss or toning!

You can achieve firmer, flatter tummies, firmer bottoms, toned thighs and arms, or firmer bust.


Vibration Plate Exerciser 

The new buzz word in the health and fitness industry! With the vibration plate you can achieve a complete workout in just 10 to 15 minutes, in private, exercising almost 100% of the muscles in the body, with very little effort on your part.

Developed originally for top sport fitness and astronaut training, vibration plates are now used for a power platevariety of purposes from sports fitness and weight loss to improving balance in the elderly – these machines have a wealth of clinical studies to prove their effectiveness. Now available for everyone to benefit from.

The vibration plate exerciser (or ‘vibro’ as it tends to get called) is in its own private room, so you don’t need to worry about feeling self conscious in front of other people, the time and space is all yours .. come and try it, whether you are completely unfit, or already fit, the range of settings will provide you with just the right level of exercise to suit you.

Benefits include:

Improved circulation Improved fitness Increased bone density
Reduced body fat Attacks cellulite Increased collagen
Improved skin quality Improved flexibility Increased muscle strength
Fewer varicose veins Improved hormonal balance Improved co-ordination

You do not need sports clothes although trousers / shorts are recommended for some of the exercises.

If you have little time but want to achieve a healthy, fit or slim body the vibration plate is for you.

Single session £4             Course of 10 sessions £35

First session is instructed.

“I love the vibrostation because it has really helped me to tone up, especially my tummy and pelvic floor. The short time needed on the machine fits in with my busy schedule” Teresa W

“Following chemotherapy my energy levels were very low, there was a marked improvement after the very first session and after a few weeks my energy levels are back to normal. I will be continuing to use it in the future” Lynn H

Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Body Wrap

Breaks down Fat not Water! “you could drop a dress size in one treatment”

This unique, revolutionary body wrap works by Lipolysis which is the scientific term for fat within fat cells being broken down from Triglycerides (complex fatty acids) to Free Fatty Acids, to be excreted in tissue fluid and dispersed through the Lymphatic System vessels.

This is the most powerful inch loss wrap available today.

Clients of a variety of body shapes are experiencing an average Inch Loss from 4″ to 10″ from mid-calf to upper arms.The solution is pleasantly scented with lavender, cypress and juniper which will leave the skin feeling soft and conditioned.

Additionally, the oil is not washed off and remains actively working in the skin for 72 hours, when the last measurements should be taken.
Full wrap (11/2 hours) £62.00

Course of 3 wraps £152.00

Course of 6 wraps £275.00


Also see the Infra Red Sauna for associated benefits

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