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Far Infra Red Sauna

Lydia-Rowann-in-the-Infra-red-sauna-225x300“Extremely good level of personal service from excellent, professional staff. Far Infra red sauna is leagues better than regular saunas. Comes highly recommended.” Matthew C., Hinckley

“Absolute heaven on earth! I have really enjoyed my treatments (infra red sauna and massage) I would recommend the salon to everyone I know. Thank you so much.” Luci B, Hinckley

“I look forwad to my 30 minute Infrard sauna session after a busy week at work and workout session to help me relax and unwind either reading a magazine or just listening to the music being played” Becky P

Come and relax in our Far Infra red sauna and experience it’s numerous health benefits at the same time! Infra red heats the body directly, rather than producing the extremely hot air found in traditional steam saunas, and as a result deeper tissue penetration is achieved, leading to:


Better circulation and increased energy Weight loss
Improved skin condition & texture Detox
Helps reduce acne Eczema reduction
Improved immune system Helps reduce cellulite
Pain relief & quicker recovery from sprains and strains
Increased physical fitness and cardiovascular health
Stress reduction & relaxation

In addition, the sauna contains a full spectrum light panel —this is the light recommended if you suffer from winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder. It also helps your body if you work for long periods in artificial light.

Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes and can be taken alone or with a friend

Single session 30 mins: 1 person £10 2 people sharing same appointment £13
Course of 10 x 30 mins: 1 person £75 2 people sharing same appointments £95
Single session 60 mins: 1 person £18 2 people sharing same appointments £22
Course of 10 x 60 mins: 1 person £130 2 people sharing same appointments £160

When taken prior to other treatments, the benefits of those treatments are enhanced.

Try combining the Far Infra r\Red Sauna with the Vibration Plate exerciser for amazing results!

“I use the sauna and vibration exercise plate once a week which enables me to relax and unwind after a busy schedule and I also get a great workout. Many thanks”.Suzanne W

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