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Skin Rejuvenation & Anti-ageing Treatments

“Staff are always very professional and helpful. Courses / treatments to help improve my eczema and improve appearance of scarring. Greatly improved my confidence :) ” Sammi T, Hinckley

Improve the tone, texture and condition of your skin and soften the signs of ageing with our advanced skin rejuvenation treatments. These anti ageing treatments are safe, non-invasive treatments that deliver real results. A perfect way to freshen up your looks and lift up your spirits. Clear, fresh skin does wonders for your confidence.



Definitely for anyone over the age of 30! If the passing years are making their mark on your skin or you just want to freshen up we can help! With IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) non laser treatment you can take years off your appearance by treating all those small giveaway signs such as fine lines, sun damage, small thread veins, age spots and pigmentation.

IPL skin rejuvenation facial – £73.00      Course of 5 £320.00
Individual age spots – £25.00     £60 for x3 areas treated on same day

Patch test £25, this is deducted from the course cost if you choose to take a course of treatment.

Call us now to book your consultation and patch test

CACI Anti-ageing Facial

The CACI Facial uses micro current technology to re-educate the muscles in the face and neck lifting and firming facial contours and reducing lines and wrinkles. Originally designed for use in the medical field, to alleviate the signs of stroke and Bells palsy, CACI facials are renowned across the globe for their fabulous cosmetic results, have a huge celebrity following and are now available to you!

CACI facials can improve:

*Collagen production by 60%
*Elastin production 73%
*ATP (Cellular energy) 500%
*Cell Permeability (absorption of products) 30-40%

Great as a one off treatment to enjoy the results short term but ask us about courses of treatment for a long term lift!

Single treatment                 £58.00 (1 hour)                                                                                                 Course of 15 treatment       £720.00


“I have microdermabrasion at Essentials – it has taken away sun damage, helped my skin be more youthful, and reduced damage. The service is very friendly and relaxing and I would recommend this treatment and salon to everyone!” L. Lishman, Hinckley

” I love all the treatments at Essentials but I rave about the effects that microderm has had on my skin. Amazing.” S. White, Hinckley

Try this fantastic treatment to feel the difference in your skin tone, and see the overall fresher appearance. Using the latest technology the diamond tipped wand glides over your skin with a vacuum action, gently removing the dead skin cells from top layer of the skin in a controlled manner, minimising skin trauma. It invigorates cell renewal, assists in lymphatic drainage and the rebuilding of elastin and collagen, and improves many skin conditions and imperfections. Great for anti aging! The natural fine diamond particles are not harmful to the human body and there are no messy crystals or aluminium oxide as used in some other systems.

Can be used to treat:

Fine lines / Enlarged pores / Acne scarring / Scar tissue / Dry skin / Sun damaged skin / Ingrown hairs / Stretch marks / Age spots / Congested skin / Blackheads / Milia

Simply Microderm 30 mins £38
1 hour microdermabrasion with facial treatment £56


If you have skin tags, age or sun spots, cherry angionomas, warts, or verrucae, and would like to be free of them, try the Cryotherapy for a quick, safe, and effective treatment.

See more details here


Unique among the Glycolic Peels available on the market, Jan Marini 40% Peels have no ‘downtime’ – you can have a treatment at lunchtime and go back to work or play afterwards. These Peels are also the most anti-inflammatory and hydrating on the market today.

Single Peel £75.00      Course of 5 peels £330.00

Note: For skin peels a 2 – 3 week course of the Skin Care Management System must be purchased and followed to prepare the skin before the peel is applied.  Skin care kits containing the 5 step Skin Care Management System can be purchased from £150.00

Regenlite Low Level Laser Treatments

Regenlite uses the latest generation of laser technology to treat a range of skin conditions.

If you suffer from acne, Regenlite has been clinically proven to treat the inflammation and spots, as well as reducing scarring.   Can also be used for scarring from surgery, stretch marks, etc. Regenlite laser has been described as ”the biggest break-through in the treatment of acne vulgaris in the last 20 years” Dr Tony Chu, Hammersmith Hospital.   As seen on TV “Embarrassing Bodies”

If you have certain kinds of vascular lesions such as port wine stains, spider or thread veins, or rosacea for example, the Regenlite offers fast and effective treatment.

If you desire younger looking skin, Regenlite can tighten skin and smooth out wrinkles, improve collagen production and enhance skin rejuvenation.

“Over 92% of patients reviewed after a single treatment had a significant improvement”  Lancet, Vol.362

See more about Regenlite here

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