Hair Removal

Waxing and IPL Hair Removal

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Permanent Hair Reduction

No more worrying about unsightly hair! No more shaving, waxing, or plucking.

Our Chromolite-S is a state-of-the-art Intense Pulsed Light System (IPL). Clinical trials have proven this to be effective in permanently reducing hair growth. Quick effective and suitable for almost any area of the body. The new pure sapphire waveguide (the largest on any IPL system) reduces radiated heat thus massively improving client comfort. In most cases, 8 – 10 monthly treatments are usually required.

Per session price guide (may vary a little depending on actual area)

Small areas eg lip, chin, underarm, bikini £30 – £40

Medium areas eg bikini extra, Brazilian / Hollywood, beard £55 – £65

Large areas eg arm, half leg £70 – £85

Extra large areas eg back, chest, full leg £90 – £100

Courses: Pay for 5 treatments and get your 6th treatment free.

Amazing savings compared to a lifetime of waxing!

Lycon Wax

Lycon removes hair, in most cases, with much less pain and redness than is associated with traditional waxing. As it can also remove hairs as short as 1-2mm, it is also perfect for fitting in an ‘extra’ waxing before holidays or parties! See and feel the difference!

Brazilian/Hollywood £38.00

Eyebrow shape £10.50

Eyebrow, lip & chin £25.00

Lip & chin £13.50 Lip £9.00*

Underarm £13.00 Chin £10.00

Bikini line £14.00

Bikini extra £23.00

*Lip or chin with any other waxing £7.50

“Essential’s Lycon wax treatment is brilliant and the staff at the salon are just so nice and friendly”. Susan W

“I always have Lycon and would recommend it to everyone who is sensitive like myself!” Sarah B

“Close to my home, free parking, competitive prices, pain free wax not available else where” Caroline T

“Lycon wax is much more comfortable than regular waxing. Lydia was lovely and friendly and I was pleased with the result” Sandra B.

“The Lycon wax is much less painful tha strip waxing. The staff are always really friendly” Isobel P

Waxing – traditional wax-strip hair removal

Hair removal using traditional warm wax.

Bikini line £11.00

Bikini extra £15.50

Full leg £25.00

Half leg £17.50

Underarm £11.00

Chin £8.00

Lip £7.50*

Eyebrow shape £8.50

Eyebrow, lip & chin £20.50

Forearm £13.00

Full arm £16.00

Back or chest from £24.00

*Lip or chin with any other waxing £6.00

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